If failure is no longer an option, and you’re tired of

your own excuses but know that you need support

- then Bella-U Personal Training is for you,

ensuring continued maximum motivation.


Ultimately the choices you make are yours, but this change will give you the most support, with the benefit of one-on-one help - you will kick your bad habits to the curb!

This is a cost effective way to overhaul your lifestyle.

Many women are overweight simply because of the time and effort it takes to be fitter and stronger! With both of us working towards your goals we can do it!

Be assured I will be with you every step of the way encouraging and motivating you, even if I am not physically with you.we can do it!


"I feel 100% better within myself.
I have found my confidence again
and now feel like there's
nothing I can't do..."
 - continue reading what our clients say...

"After several months with Rochelle
I have improved on all my goals
and most importantly I have
enjoyed the journey and found
that exercise can be fun..."

continue reading what our clients say...

Do you need to lose 10 kg?

20 kilos? -  maybe lose 30 kilos or even more?
I have been where you are now.

After being 50 kilos heavier than i am now i know how you feel, if you follow my health and weight loss overhaul you will find a programme that really does work for you - guaranteed!

I'm a dedicated and committed personal trainer and I will show you how to lose weight, how to stop your bad habits, even if you have already tried every weight loss program out there.

My outdoor personal training for overweight women is a proven method for weight reduction.

My weight loss plans and fitness plans also works for families who wish to keep fit through exercise and I also have fitness and exercises plans for women in their 50s and 60s too!

I know being overweight is emotionally and physically stressful. You can lose weight and remove the stress of being overweight through my proven weight loss system

But women only fitness and weight loss systems only work with a dedicated personal trainer, one who is as committed as you are.

Be assured, with my personal training services, I will be with you every step of the way encouraging and motivating you.

You really can change your life, start today with a single phone call to me now: 0488 132 774

I'm available every day and at any time...

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